Why Docufinity Server?

In the vast majority of states, emails pertaining to official government business are considered to be a part of the public record, so it is imperative that they be retained.

Unfortunately, there has been no good way for a government agency to archive emails for the record. As a result, most government bodies, from small towns to state and federal agencies, have implemented policies that rely on the individual email user to archive their own email.

This approach is unreliable, cumbersome and ineffective. It's unreliable because you're counting on every official or employee to have a thorough understanding of public records laws, so that they know what to save and what to discard. It's cumbersome because it requires each email user to take steps - often complicated steps - to archive each individual email. And it's ineffective because this type of policy typically fails to account for employee/official attrition - what happens to the emails a staff member has archived when they move on? In most cases, that user's emails are gone for good.

But perhaps the biggest problem with making each user the custodian of their own email records is the hassle of trying to search and retrieve those emails when a public records request is received. This is a process that can require many or even all staff members to take time away from their normal jobs to search their emails and turn them over to a records clerk who must then gather them and wade through duplicate emails to find the ones relevant to the request. Countless man hours can be lost, and responses to record requests end up getting delayed.

Docufinity Server addresses all of these problems. We automatically archive each email at the time it is sent or received, requiring no action from the user. The emails are archived in our central database where they can be easily searched and quickly retrieved by your public records officers using our intuitive administrative console. No more worrying whether Joe remembered to back up his email or if he even remembers how to do it. No more panic when requests come in for emails of an official who is no longer in office. And best of all, the amount of time it takes to fulfill requests can be measured in terms of minutes or hours instead of days or even weeks.

With packages starting at $149 per month, Docufinity Server is designed to fit even the tightest of budgets.

Getting started is easy. Give us a call at 800-803-0229 today, and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

How Does Docufinity Server Compare to
Other Methods of Email Archival?

     Docufinity Server
Each user responsible
     for archiving their own
All mail forwarded to
     a catch-all account
Mail printed and retained
     in hard copy
Archival is automated, requiring no user action
Deleting mail restricted to individuals who best understand public records laws
Archives are readily searchable from one location
Archive search speeds are fast
Emails are still available even if the sender or recipient is no longer around
Archives are stored in more than one location and protected from disaster
Email archival and retention doesn't have to break the bank. With plans as low as $149 per month, Docufinity Server can fit within even the tightest budgets.

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